Products offered by The Revolve Project

Custom NFC Flyer


To introduce NFC and ease the technology into your firm or organization, the Revolve Project will create a custom made flyer for your business with an embedded NFC sticker.

This will function the same way as QR codes by phones and other devices that can detect NFC.




As partner to The Revolve Project, you can purchase a Poken device. These devices read NFC stickers, such as the Custom NFC Flyer.

NOTE: these are not the devices used for Revolve Touch Kiosks. These function in a way where they read flyers and objects with embedded NFC and loads it onto a USB flashdrive.


* All Revolve Touch devices including but not limited to: keychains, wristbands, and kiosks, are subject to change appearance upon production. Customization will be available in the near future and immediate pre-orders are to reserve your product.