Revolve Touch

The latest innovation in NFC technology- the first network of its kind with a vast array of uses dedicated to making your life even more convenient.

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Revolve Touch is a network with a virtually endless array of uses but has three primary components.

Revolve Touch Devices

A Revolve Touch user will primarily utilize a Revolve Touch device such as a wristband or a keychain with embedded NFC technology.

Revolve Touch Kiosk

A user will scan their Revolve Touch Devices on kiosks, which can be located virtually anywhere, in order to be rewarded or benefited.

Revolve Touch User Interface

The online counterpart fo the Revolve Touch experience allowing users to register their devices to their name and build their network.

Carry around one of these wherever you go and you can reap the benefits whenever you see a Revolve Touch Kiosk!

What Revolve Touch Can Do

Revolve Touch is a tool that can help students, businesses, and organizations and will stimulate society to get up and do stuff in an overall positive way! Here are just a few ways Revolve Touch can be used.


Businesses can use Revolve Touch to set up marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. What a better way to treat customers than to reward them with the convenience of a keychain swipe!

Attendance and Validation

For classrooms and meetings, Revolve Touch can be used to cut out that extra step in taking effective attendance. Instead of wasting paper with keeping track of who is present, Revolve Touch can be the environmentally friendly way to take roll!

Social Media

Like checking yourself in at places on Facebook? You can configure your Revolve Touch device to check you in at any location you swipe- adding a fun and social dynamic to the Revolve Touch experience.

Clubs and Organizations

Revolve Touch can be a key component to the development of school clubs, community organizations, and other groups. Need to keep track of individual participation in a group of hundreds of people? Now you can!

Financial Uses

Upon configuring Revolve Touch Kiosks to handle commerce in the future, imagine being able to purchase a coffee without having to reach for your wallet!


Organizing a concert? Going to an event? What if you can pre-purchase your ticket then simply swipe a wristband when you get to the event and you can participate immediately? With Revolve Touch, you can!

Fun Scavenger Hunts

Why does it have to be all business? Revolve Touch can turn any place with Revolve Touch Kiosks into a fun geographic scavenger hunt. "Scan your device at the kiosk at City Hall to find your next clue!"


Need to prove that you were at a location at a specific time? The secure network of the Revolve Touch system allows for that whenever you swipe a keychain or a wristband.

The Possibilities are Endless

With the Revolve Touch system being a customizable tool, developers will be able to create their own uses. What will you use Revolve Touch for?


Pre-order your devices here!

Revolve Touch Wristband


Pre-order a Revolve Touch wristband and carry it with you to events and classes. Convenience is only a swipe away!

All Revolve Touch devices can work the same way when swiped near a Revolve Touch Kiosk.


Revolve Touch Keychain


Carry a Revolve Touch keychain with you everywhere you go and reap the benefits whenever you see a Revolve Touch kiosk.

All Revolve Touch devices can work the same way when swiped near a Revolve Touch Kiosk.


Revolve Touch Kiosk

$2,500 + Contact us for details

Do you own a business or run an organization? Become the center of communication by incorporating a Revolve Touch Kiosk at your location.

Revolve Touch Kiosks can be configured upon installation.


* All Revolve Touch devices including but not limited to: keychains, wristbands, and kiosks, are subject to change appearance upon production. Customization will be available in the near future and immediate pre-orders are to reserve your product.


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